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 M.Sc.- I (Computer Science) (CBCS Pattern) Sem-l PSCSCTOI - Paper-I

Advanced Java

P. Pages : 2 GUG                           

Time : Three Hours                               Max. Marks : 80

Notes : 

  1. All the questions are compulsory and carry equal marks
  2. Draw neat and labeled diagram wherever necessary.
  3. Avoid vague answer and write answers relevant and specific to question only.

Note: Answers to questions will be updated as soon as possible.

1.           Either:

a)  Explain data types in Java.                                 8M

b)  Explain While loop with example.                     8M


c)  What is constructor? Explain it with suitable example.        8M

d)  Write a java program to create a class "Student" with rollno, sub1, sub2, sub3 as a data 

Members and getData() and printData() as member functions.       8M

2.           Either:

a)   What is Applet? Explain the Applet class with suitable example.                                                 8M
b)   Explain AWT controls :                                 8M
i) TextField Control
ii) ScrollBar Control
c)   What is an event handler in Swing? What are the Events of Swing in Java? Explain it.             8M
d)   Explain the Layout Managers in detail.        8M

3.           Either:

a)  Explain different types of Drivers in java.      8M
b)  Explain the following :                               8M
i)    Query Execution
ii)   JDBC Configuration

c)  Explain the following terms :                        8M
i Executing SQL Statements.
ii) Rowset
d)  What is Collection? Explain Collection Framework in detail.                                        8M

4.           Either:

a) What is Servlet? Explain the Life Cycle of Servlet. 8M

b) What do mean by JSP? Explain the role of JSP Server.  8M


c) Explain the Handing of Get and Post Request (Http). 8M

d) Explain the Mixing Scriptlet and HTML with suitable example. 8M

5.           Attempt all the questions:

a)  Write a features of Advanced Java.      8M

b)  Write a Short note on AWT panel.      8M

c)  Write steps to connect Java application with access database.     8M

d)    Write advantages of Servlet.         8M

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